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A tremendous blessing & an important first step of obedience.

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Join us for worship with live preaching on Sunday at 9:00a, 10:45a and 5:00p. Learn more - including details about location, children, and what to expect.

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We are a gospel-centered, outward-focused church that helps one another grow in our love of God and others.

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Bible (Countercultural Convictions pt.3)

Luke Simmons / 3/8/2020

As followers of Jesus at Redemption Church, we hold convictions and beliefs that run against the grain of culture.

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Social Distancing Could Be Good for Your Soul

Seth Troutt / March 26th, 2020

Many people prefer giving themselves electric shocks to spending 6-15 minutes alone with their troubling thoughts. (1) Our minds are conditioned to consume […]

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