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In-person: 8:00am • 9:30am • 11:00am | Online: 9:30am • 11:00am

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Livestreamed services are available every Sunday at 9:30am and 11:00am

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Join us in person 8:00am • 9:30am • 11:00am or online at 9:30am • 11:00am, for worship with live preaching. Learn more - including details about our approach on how to keep you and your family healthy and what to expect

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Learn how you can join the family of Redemption Gateway and play a part in our mission.

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Though we can’t all meet together on Sundays, we’ve compiled activities to help you and your family stay connected with our leaders, volunteers, and with each other.

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We are a gospel-centered, outward-focused church that helps one another grow in our love of God and others.

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