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Church Map - Arcadia

Redemption Arcadia

4141 E Thomas Rd

Phoenix, Arizona 85018

(480) 788-0851

Sunday Services

9:00 AM, 10:45 AM

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Church Map - Alhambra

Redemption Alhambra

1830 W Glenrosa Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85015

(602) 230-0722

Sunday Services

9:00 am and 11:00 am

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Church Map - Flagstaff

Redemption Flagstaff

15 W. Aspen Ave.

Flagstaff, AZ 86001

(951) 805-3002

Sunday Services

10:00 AM

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Church Map - Gateway

Redemption Gateway

8743 East Pecos Road

Mesa, AZ 85212

(480) 553-8295

Sunday Services

9:00AM, 10:45AM

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Church Map - Gilbert

Redemption Gilbert

1820 West Elliot Road

Gilbert, AZ 85233

(480) 632-2220

Sunday Services

8:00AM, 9:30AM & 11:00AM

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Church Map - Tempe

Redemption Tempe

2150 East Southern Avenue

Tempe, AZ 85282

(480) 889-3631

Sunday Services

9:30AM, 11:00AM, 5:00PM

7:00PM (at First Congreg.)

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Church Map - WestMesa

Redemption West Mesa

1818 E. Southern Ave.

Mesa, Arizona 85204

(480) 243 7154

Sunday Services


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Church Map - Tucson

Redemption Tucson

Safford K-8 School

200 E 13th St.  Tucson, AZ 85701

(530) 591-2406

Sunday Services

10:00 am.

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In the Middle of Grace: Maria's Story

Discovering the Beauty of Community Growing up in the Catholic Church, Maria’s sense of church community was somewhat vague. Her family ...


Provision in Community: Will and Erin's Story

photos by Summer Montoya + + + “We knew God would take care of our health but we didn’t expect Him to take care of our finances,” ...


Teddy and Jeanette's Story

After you’ve met Teddy and Jeanette, you’re not likely to forget them quickly. From the outside, one would never know the extent of betrayal, ...


The Long and Winding Road of the Gurusinghe Family

Story by Amy O'RearPhoto by Linda Seegraves It is hard to decide which journey proved more difficult: their physical one or their spiritual ...


On Mission to 'Christian Kids': Rick Umble's Story

Sometimes stepping out in faith doesn’t mean saying yes, but saying no – and that’s what the Umbles did. But as He always does, ...


Adoption as Sons and Daughters: Miguel and Gladys Perez' Story

“In love, he predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of His will.”   Ephesians ...


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Why I Don't Watch the News

There’s a running joke around the office that when it comes to politics, news, and the like, I am the least informed person anyone knows. If something doesn’t show up on an ESPN headline, then I probably haven’t heard about it. Now, I’m not saying ...


Luke's Top 4 Books of 2014

Leaders are readers, so reading has become an important part of my job. It's also something I love to do, even though I'm not able to spend nearly as much time doing it as I'd like. Since reading is also a valuable way to grow as a Christian, it's important to read ...


Monday Mind Dump (12/15/14)

- Today is my 13th wedding anniversary.- Apart from trusting Christ, I don't think there's a more important decision than who you marry.- I mess a lot of decisions up, but I got this one right.- I had a hunch about how incredible she was, but it was only the tip ...


5:00pm Service Coming Soon!

We are launching a 5:00pm Sunday evening service  on February 8, 2015. It is an exciting step for our congregation and we hope you will be part of it in some way. Below are some answers to common questions about this. If you know you'd like to help launch the ...


Oh Great God, Do Your Best?

Each week of Advent this year, we are singing "Oh Great God, Give Us Rest" by David Crowder Band. It's been a favorite song of mine for a long time and I think it fits perfectly with the longing spirit of Advent. There's one verse that really bothered me when I ...


Monday Mind Dump (12/8/14)

- Fun weekend on multiple levels.- Simple date night on Friday at In-N-Out.- Where else can you eat like that for under $11?- Went to the Town of Queen Creek parade on Saturday, which was fun.- Seemed like every little girl in the whole town in a dancing troupe was in that ...




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