We’re Moving! (What you need to know)

April 30, 2019  |  Luke Simmons

After many years of planning and preparation, we will soon be moving next door into our new building and campus. Here are answers to some common questions.

When are we moving?

We will have a Soft Opening on Sunday, June 2 and, after a summer of working out kinks, we’ll celebrate a Grand Opening on Sunday, July 28.

We have already received our certificate of occupancy and are now in the process of installing tech, working through the punch list of repairs and adjustments, moving, and setting up furniture.

What times will services be in the new building?

We will keep our same service times: 9:00am, 10:45am, and 5:00pm. With nearly everything else changing, we thought keeping continuity would help our congregation and volunteers make a smoother transition.

Will there be an Open House of some kind prior to moving?

Yes! On our last Sunday before moving (May 26), we’ll have a short 45-min service in our current space followed by an Open House afterwards in the new space. This will allow people to see the space and prepare for where to go the following weeks.

When should we start inviting friends to come to the new campus?

Please wait a few weeks before inviting friends. Everything will be new and clunky, as we try to figure out parking, navigating the pedestrian flow, kids check-in, and other stuff we can’t anticipate. We want your friends and guests to have a wonderful experience — not a clunky one — so please wait to invite them.

When will the grass be useable?

We recently were able to lay sod on the south of the campus. It looks beautiful, but will take some time to take root and be usable. We hope that at some point this summer, these grass areas will be usable — and we’re really excited for students to be able to use it this fall.

Where should we park?

Paved parking is available surrounding the campus. We also anticipate being able to use the land on the furthest south piece of the property for gravel overflow parking. And, for now, we should be able to use the parking from our previous building as well.

Where do we check-in kids?

In the center of the campus is an R/Kids check-in room, filled with kiosks and providing easy access to both kids buildings.

Is there a nursing mother’s room?

Yes. It’s located in building 300, directly next to the R/Kids check-in room.

Will the services feel different?

Yes and no. On one hand, yes, it will feel different because the room is different, bigger, and will have more people. On the other hand, no, it shouldn’t feel different in that we aren’t planning on any substantial change to the way we do Sunday services.

Will we still have coffee, tea, etc.?

Yes. The lobby has a long, beautiful counter with lots of room for refreshments.

When are the staff office hours?

The staff has already transitioned to the new office spaces on the new campus. Operating hours are Monday-Thursday from 9:30am-4:30pm.

What if I really don’t like the new campus?

While many people will love the new space, some won’t. That’s OK and to be expected anytime something changes this significantly. Our encouragement is to give it some time and see if your affection for the new environment grows.

Why did we do this anyway?

For many years, we’ve known that having a permanent facility would make a significant gospel impact in this community for generations to come.