Wednesday Mind Dump (3/25/20)

Luke Simmons / March 25, 2020
COVID19, mind dump

  • Whew! Such strange days!
  • Things are moving faster and slower than it feels like they ever have.
  • On one hand, things are moving faster.
  • Especially as a leader in our church family, things are moving quickly as we adapt to new realities and prepare for what might come next.
  • On the other hand, especially in the family, things are moving way slower.
  • No drives to/from school, no after-school activities, no long nights of homework — just a lot of time together at home.
  • I’m sure my situation isn’t the same as everyone, but that’s how it’s shaking out around here.
  • We’re enjoying the extra time with the kids and the slower pace, but there’s so much we’re missing too.
  • I thought of this last night when I saw somebody share this recommendation for a daily rhythm:
  • All three of these questions seem important.
  • If we ignore grief, we’re probably minimizing something important — as well as getting ourselves out of touch with those who are really hurting right now.
  • If we ignore awareness, we’ll be tempted to imagine that our circumstances are all-consuming.
  • If we ignore blessing, we’ll forget to honor the Lord, who is able to work good even in the midst of adversity.
  • Last week could be summarized as “PIVOT”
  • It was a pivot to a whole new situation for communicating and leading in church.
  • We made some significant pivots, pretty quickly:
    • Moved to online services (here’s last Sunday)
    • The first Student online service (“The Alright Show”) premieres tonight at 7:00pm
    • Started a short “Daily Dose” of mini-Bible teaching from myself and some other Gateway leaders.
    • Launched a new weekly prayer time that went surprisingly well. (you should join me tomorrow!)
    • Helped a bunch of our RC’s and Student groups move to Zoom.
    • And lots more I likely don’t know all about.
  • This week feels like we’re moving to a next step of “PREPARE”
  • I’m pretty convinced that this is not the crisis — it’s actually still coming.
  • We’re likely weeks away from most of us knowing somebody who has COVID-19 and some of us knowing somebody who has died from it.
  • Plus we’re all going to be impacted — personally or relationally — by the financial impact of things.
  • All this means that the church of Jesus has the opportunity to rise up as a loving and hopeful people in the midst of this.
  • That’s what we’re now preparing for.
  • Our mission and vision don’t change, but the delivery systems and the ways we do ministry must change.
  • I relish the opportunity and the challenge of it.
  • And I have confidence that God really will work through it in our lives and in our community.
  • I don’t have a crystal ball and don’t know what’s coming, but I’m trying to lead our leadership team to be ready.
  • We’re especially asking ourselves how we’ll structure ministry if the expectation of gatherings with <50 people continue for longer.
  • A few articles that have really been helpful in these recent days (read the first two at your own risk — if you’re already anxious or fearful, please skip these as they will mostly not help you):
  • In terms of other articles, I found these two visual pieces by the New York Times to be remarkable (might need an account to view):
  • So that’s kind of it in terms of my COVID-19 thoughts… kind of a lot.
  • Other random things…
  • Amazing how nice it is outside — and the smell of orange blossoms!
  • I miss live sports — but thank God for EA Sports.
  • I’m digging my cast-iron skillet — pretty awesome to make hashbrowns with sausage and goopy eggs in there.
  • Funny, as soon as I try to think of other things there’s not much there.
  • Oh well!
  • Have a good week and trust in Jesus!
  • All of life is all for Jesus.


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