Tuesday Mind Dump (8/10/21)

August 10, 2021  |  Luke Simmons

• Man, I’m digging all this rain this morning.

• Remember last year when it didn’t rain AT ALL and there was ZERO monsoon season?

• This year has been so much better.

• Wish it didn’t knock so many trees down, but it’s been great otherwise.

• And maybe the rain will wash away the flies.

• Holy smokers, have you noticed the flies?!?!?!

• They have been EVERYWHERE.

• (I’m actually guessing that the rain might be the reason there’s so many… oh well)

• Been a fun run of preaching the last four weeks.

• This past Sunday felt like a pivotal moment in the Gospel of John, with the beginning of chapter 13 and the Upper Room Discourse (see the message here).

• A number of folks asked for the list I shared at the end about who we are in Christ, so here you go:

If I trust Jesus:

1. I am a child of God (John 1:12)
2. I am a friend of Jesus (John 15:15)
3. I am no longer a slave to sin (Rom 6:6)
4. I am a new creation in Christ (2 Cor 5:17)
5. I am not condemned by God (Rom 8:1)
6. I am no longer a slave, but a son (Gal 4:7)
7. I have been blessed with every spiritual blessing (Eph 1:3)
8. I am chosen, holy, and blameless before God (Eph 1:4)
9. I have been made alive with Christ (Eph 2:4-5)
10. I am God’s workmanship, created to do good works (Eph 2:10)
11. I have access to God (Eph 3:12)
12. I am a citizen of Heaven (Phil 3:20)
13. God supplies all of my needs (Phil 4:19)
14. I have been made complete in Christ (Col 2:10)

• That’s a pretty sweet list — and it’s only a partial list if you look through the whole New Testament.

• I’ve also been meeting so many new people and it’s been really sweet.

• Some with church background who have recently moved here, and some without much church background.

• Sunday night I helped out with our Rooted class (which shares a lot about how to really put down roots) and we had over 80 people in it!

• That’s really fun.

• In some other news, I mentioned some weeks ago that I won something and would share more about it…

• So, I won the “Pastor Pod” — a trailer from Faithlife (who makes Logos Bible Software, which I use every time I put together a sermon) — you can read all about it here.

• Here’s the original promo video I saw that includes a tour of it:

• Pretty cool, right?

• And, yes, a little bit funny.

• Since a bunch of people have asked, yes, I now own it — it’s not just something I get to use once.

• Next step is to put a hitch on our van and then to get somewhere up north to use it.

• The story of how I won is also kind of fun.

• It was an afternoon in June when I was kind of stuck in whatever I was working on and needed to break the logjam (ever have those moments?)

• Well, I pulled up Twitter and saw that video above, and figured I’d enter.

• At first I thought it was just an enter to win, random drawing thing — but then I figured out that they were going to pick somebody based on the submission.

• So, instead of doing the work I was probably supposed to be doing, I figured I’d have some fun with it.

• And, in about 20 minutes, I came up with a pretty fun entry (you can read it here)

• Now I told Molly that this has turned out to be one of the most valuable things I’ve ever written from a monetary value standpoint. 😆

• A few other things on my mind this morning…

• My good friend and fellow Redemption pastor, Tyler Johnson, is now back from his sabbatical and it’s been great to spend some time with him over the last week.

• We’re trying to let him wade back into the pool instead of cannonballing, but it’s been good to process what he learned, experienced, and is thinking as he returns.

• Makes me truly excited for the future of Redemption.

• We’ve seen over the last months while he was away that the church can be strong without him — but I know we’re better with his influence.

• One thing we’re doing is trying to figure out a better title for him.

• He’s currently called “Lead Pastor,” but his gifts, strengths, and function are so different from what is typically thought of from that title that sometimes it’s not helpful.

• Anyway, good to have him back and important things to work on as we try to lead Redemption into the next season.

• In a few minutes, I’m headed into the studio with Seth Troutt to record our next episode of the King & Culture podcast.

• I think this next one will be about “Antisocial Media and Excarnational Church,” which essentially gets into social media and how it affects adolescents.

• Probably some helpful encouragement for parents in it as well.

• Now that summer is over I think we’ll be trying to put out more regular episodes every few weeks, plus some good bonus content when we start our Countercultural Convictions sermon series in September.

• That’s right, I said “summer is over.”

• Probably just feels like that to me since the kids are back in school, including our second-grader, Mary, who is going to school for the first time.

• She’s enjoying it so far and has some really great teachers.

• Last thing to share is that Molly and I just finished watching all the available episodes of Ted Lasso, which is on Apple+ (and came free for a year with the phones we upgraded earlier this year).

• It’s an amazing show — one of the best I’ve seen in years.

• If you check it out, just know that there is a ton of British swearing and a few crude moments — but the overall feel of it is sensationally positive, funny, and heartwarming.

• A number of folks recommended it and I’m glad they did.

• Oh wait, one more recommendation…

• I have to admit that I was crying on the stairmaster yesterday as I watched Peyton Manning’s hall of fame induction speech. (Edgerrin James speech was good too)

• Class act all the way.

• Alright, that’s it.

• Have a great week, remember who you are, and let’s live all of life, all for Jesus.