Top 5 Surprising Ways to Serve at Gateway

January 8, 2019  |  Luke Simmons

America may run on Dunkin’ but Redemption Gateway runs on volunteers. Faithful, joyful people who serve Jesus with their time and energy.

We’ve had hundreds of these folks for the last ten years, and hundreds more will propel us into the future.

Growing Church, Growing Needs

As we prepare for moving into our new building, we’re praying for God to double or triple the number of volunteers who serve. That’s because we’ll need that many.

For example, right now there are four places we station greeters on a Sunday morning. In our new building, there will be twelve – and that’s just for the lobby and worship space (doesn’t include greeters in the parking lot or around kids ministry).

Many of the areas to serve feel pretty standard if you’re familiar with church – kids volunteers, greeters, folks to prepare communion, student mentors, and more.

But at least five skillsets stand out:

Top 5 Surprising Ways to Serve at Gateway

5. Cooking Meals

Does cooking good food for others bring you joy? If so, consider our Meals team. They serve during the week by providing meals for folks who are homebound, grieving a difficult loss, celebrating a new baby, or just getting out of the hospital.

Food was a big part of Jesus ministry (it’s even how he chose to be remembered in communion), so food is a great way to serve.

4. Protection & Security

Are you a protector, eager to look out for others and step up in moments of crisis? Then consider our Security team. This is a great way for men or women to serve who aren’t necessarily quite as eager to chat.

In a sinful world, a security team is an unfortunate necessity – and one I am personally thankful for. It’s great to know these folks have our backs.

3. Taking Photos

Are you good at taking photos and capturing memories – good enough and passionate enough that you have a real camera? Then consider our Photography team. These folks help capture big and small moments for our website, Instagram, and other communication materials.

God is the creator of beauty, and it’s wonderful to use artistic gifts in a way that honor him.

2. Working with Your Hands

Do you enjoy working around your house, constantly tinkering to make things better? Then consider our Facilities team. On our new campus, these folks will help with indoor and outdoor maintenance, cleaning, and preparing our environments for events.

God doesn’t just make us, he cares for us. So caring for our facility is stewardship that honors Him.

1. Quilting & Sewing

Do you enjoy making something beautiful and meaningful through sewing? Then consider our Quilting ministry. They make lovely, Scripture-clad quilts for people receiving care, and pray over each person receiving them.

This past year I visited a man in hospice and was so encouraged to see that he was able to sleep each night literally under the covering of God’s word.

10th Anniversary Volunteer Fair

These aren’t the only ways to serve at Gateway. Whatever your gift, we want to help you use it.

So, this Sunday, we’re having a volunteer fair to celebrate our 10th anniversary as a church (we’ll also have free food, backyard games, hot chocolate, a photo booth and more). To preview some of the potential areas to serve, click here.