Three Totally Unrelated but Helpful Parenting Books

April 14, 2020  |  Josh Watt

Book #1 – FOR THE HANDS (equipping)

Feeding the Mouth That Bites You: A Complete Guide to Parenting Adolescents and Launching Them Into the World

Why I liked this book?

I listened to this book on audible. It helps parents look ahead to their coming child/teens freedom and then parent in the here and now with that in mind. If you need help on treating your kids like future adults rather than just kids that can’t figure it out, this book is great.

How you could use it?

Take some of the parenting mistakes this book addresses and bring them up to your teens and ask them if they have seen this in you. Don’t defend yourself. Just listen. Then go and prayerfully learn from it.

Book #2 – FOR THE MIND (thinking)

Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World’s Largest Religion

Why I liked this book?

This book’s content formed the series our high school ministry was supposed to be in before the pandemic hit. Our kids are asking big questions internally. They are trying to connect the dots. This book tackles most of the big bucket issues of faith that we all deal with but especially our younger people. And it does it in a winsome way showing how Christianity’s answers are not only truer but they are more beautiful.

How you could use it?

Take your kids on a drive and bring up some of the topics you are reading in this book. Ask them if this is an issue for their faith at all. Driving creates side-by-side talking rather than face-to-face talking. Side-by-side talking creates a more honest and natural conversation.  

Book #3 – FOR THE HEART (feeling)

Like Dew Your Youth

Why I liked this book?

Seth Troutt recommended this book to me. I didn’t know what to expect but I loved it. Here is why I loved it. This may sound weird, but after reading it, I could not tell you what sort of family the author had (all boys, all girls, mixed, big family, small family, etc.). Why is that important? Because he wasn’t giving a prescriptive parenting method on how to parent in his exact circumstance; he was helping me unlock the essence of parenting as a follower of Jesus. It was helpful, poetic, encouraging, and challenging. I highly recommended it.

How you could use it?

Make this a night time read with a good drink and your spouse or some friends (via zoom if you want to do it right now). It is short and sweet but it is packed with amazing insight. Your kids won’t be a good sounding board for it (unless they’re older) but other parents who struggle to have the right heart and perspective will benefit from chewing on this together with you.