The 2018 Christmas Offering

November 26, 2018  |  Luke Simmons

The Christmas Offering has become an important annual tradition at Redemption Gateway. Each year the congregation is invited to generously give over-and-above to support a number of great causes.

Gifts can be made online or at our Christmas services on December 23-24.


Cause #1: Foster Care & Adoption

Redemption has helped lead the way in alleviating the foster care crisis in Arizona. A portion of this year’s offering will help us continue to make a difference in three specific ways:

[1] Redemption Foster Care & Adoption Ministry — this ministry mobilizes and supports foster and adoptive families throughout Redemption Church.

[2] Arizona 1.27 — this ministry mobilizes other churches to engage the Arizona child welfare system. Read here about the impact AZ1.27 has made

[3] Foster Care Initiatives — this ministry¬†works with families who are at risk of having children end up in the system because of child abuse and neglect.

Cause #2: Interns & Future Leaders

We’re a church that develops leaders. In 2019 we want to bring on 4-6 part-time interns (in production, college ministry, student ministry, and adult ministry) who can learn and grow in ministry leadership.

These leaders may develop into future leaders at Gateway, in other Redemption church plants, or in other existing churches.