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Thursday Mind Dump (9/15/16)

Luke Simmons / September 15, 2016
mind dump, outward focus, sermon on the mount, vision

Been a fun, wild last few weeks. Have been part of 6 in-home vision meetings in the last two weeks, with a big […]

Monday Mind Dump (8/29/16)

Luke Simmons / August 29, 2016
building, leadership, mind dump, sermon on the mount, vision

Fun to be back in the pulpit and kick off our Sermon on the Mount series. It’s such a formative part of Jesus’ […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (6/7/16)

Luke Simmons / June 7, 2016
books, generosity, mind dump, psalms, vision

Been a few weeks since I did a mind dump. Each of the last few weeks I’ve intended to write one, and had […]

Monday Mind Dump (5/16/16)

Luke Simmons / May 16, 2016
good works, redemption church, titus, vision

Feels like summer is here. I know it’s not really, but something seemed to change last week and it feels like a bunch […]

January 2016 Roots Update

Luke Simmons / January 24, 2016
building, money, vision

About 20 months ago, we began an initiative to pay $1 millionĀ for 10.5 acres directly west of our current meeting space. Many people […]