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God’s Sovereignty in Salvation [Resources]

Luke Simmons / October 11, 2021
countercultural convictions, election, theology

For each week of the Countercultural Convictions series, we’ll be providing additional resources for going deeper into the topic we explore. The only […]

Resources on Racialization, Racial Reconciliation, and Systemic Sin

Seth Troutt / June 8, 2020
books, mlk, racialization, theology

The resources below will help you lovingly apply biblical teaching to complex cultural realities. Everything below is imperfect, but will serve as a […]

Kill The Ox

Seth Troutt / November 7, 2019
ethics, exodus, theology

The whole of the Law, God’s Fatherly instruction (torah), is teaching God’s people how to love their neighbor in the details of their […]

Two Tensions in Ephesians Two

Seth Troutt / April 10, 2018 / Deuteronomy 30:1-6
ephesians, exegesis, theology

As we are preaching through Ephesians 2, we find two passages that, on the surface, appear to contradict other parts of Scripture. Below […]

What Is A Deacon?

Seth Troutt / March 19, 2017
deacons, leadership, polity, theology

The term deacon comes from the Greek word di├íkonos which appears 29 times in the New Testament and means minister, servant, attendant, agent, […]

The Holy Spirit is Good News

Dale Thackrah / November 14, 2016
holy spirit, home away from home, theology

God With Them Jesus had earned their trust. He had performed miracles right before their very eyes. They had a front row seat […]