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Wednesday Mind Dump (9/1/21)

Luke Simmons / September 1, 2021
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• Man, it’s been a fun last few weeks. • Last week I didn’t write a mind-dump because I was at our first ever all-Redemption […]

4 Ways Camps Impact Students

Josh Watt / November 9, 2017
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I’ve been working with youth for over 10 years now. If I could point to one thing that makes the biggest imprint on […]

Lessons from Student Ministry

Luke Simmons / May 23, 2017
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The Redemption Gateway class of 2017 has been special, and is primed to go on to do special things in the years to […]

Dear Redemption Gateway

Josh Watt / November 15, 2016
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Over two years ago we began making plans for a new facility. Our architect asked a few of us involved to write a narrative […]

Lessons from 7 Years of Student Ministry

Luke Simmons / May 19, 2016
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Seven years ago, Lexi Billingsley and Sean Wilcoxson were among the small group of students who comprised the first Student Ministry at Second Mile […]