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Wednesday Mind Dump (9/1/21)

Luke Simmons / September 1, 2021
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• Man, it’s been a fun last few weeks. • Last week I didn’t write a mind-dump because I was at our first ever all-Redemption […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (7/27/21)

Luke Simmons / July 27, 2021
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• Man, been a great last week. • I have to guess that the huge amount of rain and multiple days of lower temperatures […]

Five Interesting Facts About Nehemiah

Luke Simmons / June 3, 2021
nehemiah, sermon series

On June 6 we begin a summer-long series through the Old Testament book of Nehemiah that we’re calling Rebuilding. Below is the series […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (2/18/20)

Luke Simmons / February 18, 2020
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Big week ahead for Redemption Gateway. We’re starting a new series, Countercultural Convictions, which you can read all about here. It’s been fun […]

Malachi: Heart Surgery for God’s People

Luke Simmons / January 8, 2020
malachi, sermon series

Malachi is a wake-up call for the people of God. It’s a reality check for those who might have accurate beliefs and avoid […]

New Sermon Series: Exodus

Luke Simmons / August 5, 2019
exodus, sermon series

Exodus is a book about the God who makes himself known in a world where he’s been long-forgotten. This fall we’ll be walking […]

New Series: Love Walked Among Us

Luke Simmons / January 10, 2019
jesus, preaching, sermon series

This Sunday we begin a new sermon series, Love Walked Among Us. For 100 days until Easter, we’ll spend time together gazing at Jesus […]

Proverbs: Wisdom in Dizzying Times

Luke Simmons / October 14, 2017
proverbs, sermon series

This weekend we begin a new series, Proverbs: Wisdom in Dizzying Times. In a world that is stumbling around and trying to find […]