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What I Learned from 3 Redemption Congregations in 1 Day

Luke Simmons / June 26, 2018
multi-congregational, redemption church

Last Sunday was the first Sunday this year when I was in town and had no responsibilities at Gateway, so I took the […]

25 Lessons from EVBC / Redemption Gilbert

Luke Simmons / November 21, 2016
gratitude, leadership, redemption church

“I hope we like this place.” That’s what I remember saying to my wife, Molly, in June 2002 as we sat in the […]

Monday Mind Dump (5/16/16)

Luke Simmons / May 16, 2016
good works, redemption church, titus, vision

Feels like summer is here. I know it’s not really, but something seemed to change last week and it feels like a bunch […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (2/16/16)

Luke Simmons / February 16, 2016
books, mind dump, redemption church

Really cool to see Redemption Flagstaff on Sunday. Their Lead Pastor, Vince Garvey, asked me a few months ago to come up there […]