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Lent, Lament, & Discontent

Seth Troutt / February 28, 2022
grief, lament, prayer

God rarely does exactly what you want. That is part of what makes him God; he isn’t bound by our expectations. God is […]

Spiritual Growth Resources for 2022

Luke Simmons / December 25, 2021
Bible, prayer, resources

The new year is often a time to reflect and move toward intentional change. As you consider the new year, here are a […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (12/14/21)

Luke Simmons / December 14, 2021
church planting, mind dump, prayer

• Welcome back to the mind dump! • It’s been a little bit since I’ve done one… somebody said, “You must have a lot on […]

Feasting, Fasting, and Feeding: How To Eat

Seth Troutt / August 25, 2021
diet, Fasting, feasting, fitness, health, prayer, wisdom

What does the Bible have to say about how to eat? Here are some categories from the Scriptures that help shape our dietary […]

Monday Mind Dump (2/8/21)

Luke Simmons / February 8, 2021
mind dump, prayer, redemption church

• Happy Monday! • Had a fun finish to last week, both on the ministry and the family side of things. • Spent last Thursday […]

How (Not) To Fast

Seth Troutt / September 29, 2020
Kingdom, kingjesus2020, politics, prayer

“A fast is the self-denial of normal necessities in order to intentionally attend to God in prayer. Bringing attachments and cravings to the […]

King Jesus 2020

Seth Troutt / September 20, 2020
Kingdom, politics, prayer

From the last week in September through Election Day in November, we will pray for our nation and prepare our hearts as citizens of the Kingdom of God. We are going to do this in five ways as a church.

Social Distancing Could Be Good for Your Soul

Seth Troutt / March 26, 2020
coronavirus, covid-19, prayer, solitude

Many people prefer giving themselves electric shocks to spending 6-15 minutes alone with their troubling thoughts. (1) Our minds are conditioned to consume […]