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Tuesday Mind Dump (10/12/21)

Luke Simmons / October 12, 2021

• Been a really fun last few weeks. • Definitely some challenges and disappointments as well — the biggest being that some of our […]

Wednesday Mind Dump (9/1/21)

Luke Simmons / September 1, 2021
links, sermon series, students

• Man, it’s been a fun last few weeks. • Last week I didn’t write a mind-dump because I was at our first ever all-Redemption […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (8/17/21)

Luke Simmons / August 17, 2021
links, redemption church

• I have so much gratitude right now for the gracious ways God is working around Redemption. • Attended the kickoff dinner last night […]

Monday Mind Dump (7/19/21)

Luke Simmons / July 19, 2021
family, links

• Great to be back at it! • Been a fun last month of ministry and vacation. • About a month ago I was […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (6/15/21)

Luke Simmons / June 15, 2021
church, family, links

• Funny how summer can be fast and slow at the same time. • Specific days feel slower and it definitely feels like the […]

Thursday Mind Dump (5/27/21)

Luke Simmons / May 27, 2021
leadership, links

• This might be the first time I’ve ever done a mind dump on a Thursday. • We have some family visiting early next […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (5/4/21)

Luke Simmons / May 4, 2021
links, suffering, worship

• Man, so good to be back at Gateway this past Sunday! • There’s just no place like home. • The service was […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (4/13/21)

Luke Simmons / April 13, 2021
leadership, links

• Sitting here while my oil gets changed and it’s time for a mind dump. • Maybe someday I’ll learn to change my own oil […]