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Tuesday Mind Dump (4/13/21)

Luke Simmons / April 13, 2021
leadership, links

• Sitting here while my oil gets changed and it’s time for a mind dump. • Maybe someday I’ll learn to change my own oil […]

9 Things You Should Know About Elders at Gateway

Luke Simmons / September 11, 2018
elders, leadership

The elders of Redemption Gateway are seeking to add five men to the elder team and are asking for feedback and input related […]

10 Commandments of Staff Engagement

Luke Simmons / September 20, 2017
culture, leadership, staff

From time to time, I like to share some “behind the scenes” stuff that gives our congregation insight into how the leadership thinks […]

Parting Thoughts: A Few of the Things I Learned at Redemption Gateway

Dale Thackrah / September 10, 2017
leadership, ministry, spiritual growth

Pastor Dale Thackrah has accepted a new call to be the Executive Pastor at Redeemer Bible Church (read more about that here). This […]

3 Reasons We’re Launching The Greenhouse

Luke Simmons / August 7, 2017
all of life, leadership

The Greenhouse is a new environment I’m leading to help leaders in any area of life grow and develop. Here are three reasons […]

What is an Apostle?

Seth Troutt / April 23, 2017
apostle, leadership, polity

In our sermon series on the book of Acts, we see the topic of apostles come up on a regular basis. What does […]

What Is A Deacon?

Seth Troutt / March 19, 2017
deacons, leadership, polity, theology

The term deacon comes from the Greek word diákonos which appears 29 times in the New Testament and means minister, servant, attendant, agent, […]

25 Lessons from EVBC / Redemption Gilbert

Luke Simmons / November 21, 2016
gratitude, leadership, redemption church

“I hope we like this place.” That’s what I remember saying to my wife, Molly, in June 2002 as we sat in the […]