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The 2021 Christmas Offering

Luke Simmons / November 30, 2021
christmas offering, generosity

The Christmas Offering has become an important annual tradition at Redemption Gateway. Each year we generously give over-and-above to support a number of […]

A Life of Generosity [Resources]

Luke Simmons / October 4, 2021
countercultural convictions, generosity

For each week of the Countercultural Convictions series, we’ll be providing additional resources for going deeper into the topic we explore. The only […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (6/7/16)

Luke Simmons / June 7, 2016
books, generosity, mind dump, psalms, vision

Been a few weeks since I did a mind dump. Each of the last few weeks I’ve intended to write one, and had […]

Monday Mind Dump (3/14/16)

Luke Simmons / March 14, 2016
culture, generosity, mind dump, money, outward focus, politics

Nice break from preaching yesterday. I find that staying fresh means that I shouldn’t go more than about 8-10 weeks in a row. […]