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Tuesday Mind Dump (10/18/16)

Luke Simmons / October 18, 2016
family, mind dump, vision

Been a wild last few weeks now that we have a little boy. That’s right… a boy. Henry (Hank) joined us on September […]

Wednesday Mind Dump (9/28/16)

Luke Simmons / September 28, 2016
family, mind dump, politics, sermon on the mount

Well, we’re now one week past the due date for baby #4. Molly and I have been joking that maybe she’s permanently pregnant […]

Monday Mind Dump (5/9/16)

Luke Simmons / May 9, 2016
family, leadership

Really fun to have Tom Shrader with us preaching at Gateway yesterday. He’s been such a meaningful person in my life, and I […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (4/5/16)

Luke Simmons / April 5, 2016
all of life, family, leadership, mind dump, titus

A lot can happen in a week. It’s amazing to me that Easter was just a week ago. Feels like a lot longer. […]