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Monday Mind Dump (2/15/21)

Luke Simmons / February 15, 2021
culture, links, redemption church, sunday

• Well, happy day after Valentine’s Day. • Is Valentine’s really a holiday? • I don’t think I met anyone this year who was […]

10 Commandments of Staff Engagement

Luke Simmons / September 20, 2017
culture, leadership, staff

From time to time, I like to share some “behind the scenes” stuff that gives our congregation insight into how the leadership thinks […]

All of Life Tuesday – Sanctity of Human Life

Seth Troutt / July 3, 2017
all of life, culture, pro-life

Richard Tarnas, non-Christian and author of The Passion of the Western Mind, describes what happened to Greek/Hellenistic culture when the early church grew […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (11/15/16)

Luke Simmons / November 15, 2016
culture, home away from home, mind dump, politics

Pretty remarkable last week on a number of levels. Of course, the election was a big surprise for most people. I had mistakenly […]

10 Ways to Love Your Neighbors This Halloween

Mark Andress / October 27, 2016
culture, holidays, mission

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Halloween is next Monday. While many people have differing views and opinions on the value of this […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (7/12/16)

Luke Simmons / July 12, 2016
culture, gospel, mind dump

Well, I’m back at it after a few weeks of vacation. Went to Toledo, Ohio to visit Molly’s family. Such a fun time […]

The Psalms: An Invitation to Honesty

Luke Simmons / June 6, 2016
culture, humility, prayer

This past Sunday, I shared an extended quote from Sean Mortenson’s excellent May 29 sermon at Redemption Scottsdale, “An Invitation to Honesty.”  You […]

Monday Mind Dump (3/14/16)

Luke Simmons / March 14, 2016
culture, generosity, mind dump, money, outward focus, politics

Nice break from preaching yesterday. I find that staying fresh means that I shouldn’t go more than about 8-10 weeks in a row. […]