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5 Unusual Questions I’d Ask if Looking for a Church

Luke Simmons / June 25, 2021

It’s not uncommon for people I know and love to be looking for a new church. Sometimes it’s Gateway people who are moving […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (6/15/21)

Luke Simmons / June 15, 2021
church, family, links

• Funny how summer can be fast and slow at the same time. • Specific days feel slower and it definitely feels like the […]

Monday Mind Dump (4/5/21)

Luke Simmons / April 5, 2021
church, easter, good friday

• Man, what a weekend. • It was so good to be gathering again this year for Easter Weekend. • Think about my contrasting views […]

Monday Mind Dump (3/29/21)

Luke Simmons / March 29, 2021
church, easter, fun, good friday

• Dang, what a fun weekend. • Got to officiate a wedding for Sean Wilcoxson and Marissa Anderson — two youngins who have […]

A New Redemption Congregation in North Phoenix

Luke Simmons / February 25, 2020
church, church planting, redemption church

We are excited to announce that Josh Watt will be planting the next Redemption congregation in North Phoenix! A specific location has not […]