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Tuesday Mind Dump (12/14/21)

Luke Simmons / December 14, 2021
church planting, mind dump, prayer

• Welcome back to the mind dump! • It’s been a little bit since I’ve done one… somebody said, “You must have a lot on […]

Baby Shower for North Mountain

Redemption AZ / August 27, 2020
church planting

We’re Pregnant with a Baby Church! (A Note from Luke Simmons) After many years of praying and hoping, God has opened the door […]

A New Redemption Congregation in North Phoenix

Luke Simmons / February 25, 2020
church, church planting, redemption church

We are excited to announce that Josh Watt will be planting the next Redemption congregation in North Phoenix! A specific location has not […]

Tuesday Mind-Dump (1/5/16)

Luke Simmons / January 7, 2016
church planting, judges, mind dump

– Happy 2016! – Been a while since I did a mind-dump, but I figured I’d get one in on this first week of […]