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Resources on Racialization, Racial Reconciliation, and Systemic Sin

Seth Troutt / June 8, 2020
books, mlk, racialization, theology

The resources below will help you lovingly apply biblical teaching to complex cultural realities. Everything below is imperfect, but will serve as a […]

Five Books to Read in 2020

Seth Troutt / December 20, 2019
books, politics, reading

I read each of these in 2019 and loved almost every page of every book. Some of them were very politically timely (Creation […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (6/7/16)

Luke Simmons / June 7, 2016
books, generosity, mind dump, psalms, vision

Been a few weeks since I did a mind dump. Each of the last few weeks I’ve intended to write one, and had […]

Tuesday Mind Dump (2/16/16)

Luke Simmons / February 16, 2016
books, mind dump, redemption church

Really cool to see Redemption Flagstaff on Sunday. Their Lead Pastor, Vince Garvey, asked me a few months ago to come up there […]