Surge School

About the Surge School

Surge is a 9 month, intensive theology-and-leadership development program churches use for discipleship and training of leaders for their churches, workplaces, and all areas of our city. Over 1,000 leaders in Arizona have graduated from Surge and now several other cities across our nation are also participating. Redemption Gateway is one of the founding congregations that started Surge and Surge remains a vital part of our leadership development strategy.


Three learning environments are utilized in Surge over the course of the nine months:

  • Individual Study — participants will be expected to complete 2-5 hours of homework each week.
  • Weekly Tables — participants will engage in a weekly cohort of Redemption Gateway participants where we will discuss the reading and bring out the implications for life and leadership.
  • Intensives — there will be four intensives during the year in which we will gather in a classroom environment with the other 40+ congregations that are working through the Surge curriculum. The intensives feature first-rate scholars and front-line church leaders from around the country.


Curriculum is set up in four sections and students read one book per quarter:


Prerequisites for Redemption Gateway Participants:

  • Be serving in some regular capacity.
  • Be a Covenant Member of Redemption Gateway.


Table Schedule for 2019-2020

  • Location: Redemption Gateway, Room 100
  • Day: Thursdays
  • First Meeting: September 12
  • Time: 6:30am-7:30am
  • Frequency: Each quarter, our tables will meet 6-7 times (about 25 times total over the 9 months)

Intensive Schedule for 2019-20

  • Location: Redemption Church Tempe
  • Time:  6-9pm
  • Dates:
    • Surge Kickoff – September 11th (6-7pm)
    • Q1 Intensive – October 3rd (part 1) & 4th (part 2)
    • Q2 Intensive – November 6th
    • Q3 Intensive – February 5th
    • Q4 Intensive – May 13th

Other FAQ:

  • Cost? $150 per person or $200 for a married couple. There is an early bird discount of $30 if you register with Surge before August 15th.
  • Books? You will be responsible to obtain your books. Kindle is acceptable if you prefer  to read electronically.
  • Homework? The homework each week is required & beneficial.
  • Leaders? The tables are led through a combination of Surge Graduates and Seth Troutt.
  • Covenant Member? Yes, you have to be a Covenant Member. If you want to do Surge, but are not yet a member, take our next Rooted Class.

Please prayerfully consider investing in yourself by engaging in Surge School. Before you decide to apply, please talk about this decision with your household, a previous Surge grad, or an RC Leader and ask them if they would recommend that you participate in Surge. With questions, contact