Who are we?

Redemption Students is our ministry environment for students 6th – 12th grade.


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What we do?

We want to be a place where every name of every student is known.
We want to be a place where the unique story of each student is loved.
We want to be a safe place where students' hearts are centered on Jesus.

We are committed to bringing the Gospel through intentional relationships to all of the students who come through our doors. This time is meant to build long-lasting relationships and help students connect the Gospel to their own lives. Our team of leaders is committed to creating a culture that values our students.

Student Ministry is an environment for 6th through 12th-grade students. We meet on Wednesday nights at 6:45pm. This time includes worship, teaching, and most importantly time in our small groups led by our committed mentors who work to know, love, and center each student in their years together.

Joshua Ruiz

Jr. High Pastor
About Joshua Ruiz

I am a born and raised Arizona Native.  I come from a crazy blended family of 8 (3 brothers, 2 sisters).  I’ve lived most my life in the east valley, attending Red Mountain High School and graduating from Skyline High School in 2001. Immediately following high school I was employed at Empire Machinery (a Caterpillar Machinery Dealer) and until recently, have been there for 15 years.  I attended Southwestern Bible College in Phoenix AZ (now known as Arizona Christian University) for two years before changing gears after meeting my wonderful wife, Lauren Ruiz and marrying her January 22, 2005.  By God’s grace our marriage is hoppin’, resulting in our 4 crazy great kiddos: Aidyn, Isabel, Violet, and Nox.  We run pretty fast through our daily lives, not really leaving much possibility for a boring day in our home.  Group gatherings, good food, and good time spent together minister to our souls.

I grew up in a small Baptist church in Mesa where I came to the saving grace of Jesus Christ at a young age.  Growing up knowing the truth and goodness of God, I found myself in great distress in my late teens and early twenties as I struggled to live out what I swore so deeply to believe, sadly proving to have significantly weaker flesh than the Christians I considered true believers.  God’s grace however was much deeper than the depths of my sin, and learning that truth has brought me to greater love and worship of Him.  My life is His and I long to serve him until my dying breath.  Should it ever be said  that I am a passionate worshipper of God, it would have to hold true that the greatest sinners always make the greatest worshippers.  Its why I sing so loud!  To Christ be all glory!  I’ve had the privilege of serving God’s people in worship leading for over 15 years now, and look forward to many more.  I love the church, I love serving the body of Christ, and love serving in youth ministries!

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Arnold Ruiz

High School Pastor
About Arnold Ruiz

I am married to my fun, hard-working wife Ai and we have been blessed with four wonderful kids: Ava, Asher, Aila, and Alyosha. We enjoy food, family, laughing, and learning new things.

I grew up in church, but that did not save me from the solemn reality that we have all been sinned against and yet we ourselves sin against others. Indeed, left to myself, I have an incurable propensity to seek after my own good and my own desires at the expense of others, in direct rebellion of the One who created me to live otherwise.

But thanks be to God that He found me and rescued me from the grip of sin and death! By God’s wonderful grace I have found his son Jesus Christ to be beautiful, wise to the utmost, patient, profoundly loving, and powerful to save. So I look to him as my supreme authority. And my trust in him has not been misplaced. He is a friend to sinful people like me, a rock in times of trouble, a glad giver of wisdom to navigate a complicated world, and a source of incomparable joy. By nature I am rebellious, and I wrestle and struggle and fall and doubt. But he is ever merciful and faithful to me; he is my peace and my sanity.

I love to teach and to tell people about what Jesus Christ has done for me and how awesome he is. In my current phase of life, God shows me about himself most through my relationships as a husband and father, through my relationship to his body the church, and by observing in the world the futility of chasing after anything else but Christ. For nothing and nobody can thrill a heart like he can.

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Laura Jex

Students Admin Coordinator
About Laura Jex

I am originally from a small town in northern Minnesota but traded snow for sunshine when I moved to Arizona with my parents and three siblings in 2001.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Anthony since September 2009. We have been blessed with three incredible children: Connor, Levi, and Karlie. We live in San Tan Valley and enjoy spending our free time outdoors, particularly camping, hiking, and kayaking.

Early on, my association with God was little more than church on Christmas and Easter and occasionally saying “Grace” before dinner. However, through a heartbreaking season within my family during my 6th-grade year, my relationship with Jesus was ignited. I was baptized on Easter Sunday 2002 and since then have repeatedly experienced God’s grace, perfect timing, and continuing love for me despite my unending shortcomings.

I possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Business as well as a certificate in Business Administration and currently serve our church as a mentor in our Student Ministry. In 2021, I was blessed with an opportunity to serve all of our students and their families on a larger scale as their administrative coordinator.

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