Our Mission

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mission of our Redemption Communities remains the same: to provide environments in which people can connect relationally and grow spiritually. In this season we encourage you to do this with creativity and consideration of the needs of your group members.

Group Meeting Options

Trying to figure out what your options are for meeting as an RC?  Take a look at the decision tree below to help you think through questions to ask and options to consider.


Gathering in Person

If your group is ready to gather in person, keep these things in mind as you meet:

-Make it clear to your group members before your group meetings begin that anyone who is sick, has been exposed to someone with Covid-19, or has been around someone with symptoms should stay home.

-If your group normally eats together, consider asking your group members to bring their own food and utensils.

-Even if the adults are ready to meet in person, they might not be ready for their kids to be in childcare or your normal sitter might not be ready to come back.  Discuss childcare ahead of time with your group and sitter and consider creative options to meet if childcare isn’t an option for this season.

Additional Options for In-Person Meetings:

  • Host a Sunday Watch Party as an RC if you’re not comfortable with attending the Sunday gathering
  • To reduce group size, meet as couples for double dates and rotate who you meet with
  • Meet as gender-specific groups
  • Meet outside
Gathering Online

Online video meetings are an incredible way to stay connected to your RC in this season.  No, they aren’t as good as meeting in person.  Yes, there will be awkward silences.  But the technology is a gift that we can use to stay connected.

We’ve put together the following document with tips on setting up and hosting online meetings as well as suggestions for how to use your time together in those meetings.

Online RC Meetings

Options for Online

  • Sermon Discussion Questions (Full group, gender specific nights, etc.)
  • RightNow Media group studies

As economic conditions continue to change, there may be financial assistance needed by group members.  If this is the case, here are some recommended steps for you to help support them:

  1. 1. As you hear needs mentioned in group, follow up 1:1 with that person or couple to determine what their actual needs are
  2. 2. With the person or family’s consent, discuss with your RC to see if it’s possible for you as a group to help meet the needs
  3. 3. If the group is unable to help, contact Mark Andress for church assistance

Check out our Gateway resource page for ways to stay connected to Redemption Gateway as well as grow in prayer and dependence on the Lord in this time.

Resource Page