Gatherings at Gateway

Join with a small, physically-distanced group to pray for God’s comfort and renewal. Masks are welcome but optional.

Tuesday – Thursday: 7:00am • 8:00am • 4:00pm • 5:00pm

Friday: 7:00am • 8:00am

AND Sunday: 1:00pm • 2:00pm • 3:00pm • 4:00pm

*In order to keep the gatherings under 10 people, we are using an RSVP system.

RSVP for Prayer Gatherings

We understand that many may not be able to attend these gatherings; yet, we would like to invite you to pray with us from home. Each week we will pray on each topic for 10 minutes. Below are the prayer prompts for the week of May 26 – 31.


Express adoration and thanksgiving to God for his attributes and character: creator and sustainer, faithful, merciful, just, powerful, sacrificially loving, etc.


Acknowledge and confess ways in which you’ve been thinking, living, and acting as if God were distant and the attributes we just praised him for were irrelevant.


Thank God for his patience with us, and for the specific ways he has continued to graciously and abundantly bless and care for us in spite of our weaknesses.


As Jesus instructed in the Lord’s Prayer, plead with God to meet the tangible needs (daily bread) and spiritual needs (forgiveness, deliverance, and protection) of those in our church and community.

Need prayer? Let us know and we’d be happy to pray for you!

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