New Series: Fighting Fear

March 3, 2016  |  Luke Simmons

This Sunday we begin a short series, Fighting Fear. It’s a systematic theology series that explores how who God is as a person gives us resources to overcome some of our most pressing fears.

Here’s an overview of where we’re headed over these next few weeks:

Faith vs. Fear (March 6

There is a lot to be afraid of, both publicly and personally. Every day we choose to live either by faith or fear. The goodness of God enables us to trust him, rather than fear our situation.

Getting Close (March 13)

Many of us experience “crowded loneliness,” where we’re constantly around people, but not really close to anyone — even God. The graciousness of God invites us to drop the mask and be truly known.

Money Fear Index (March 20)

One big reason to be afraid is our money situation. As a country, in families, and as individuals. The generosity of God frees us to think differently about money, where it serves us instead of us serving it.