New Series: All I Want for Christmas is You

November 22, 2016  |  Luke Simmons

God made husbands and wives to fit together like chestnuts and open fire, mistletoe and kissing, and Santa and cookies. This Christmas we’re going to have some fun exploring what marriage is and how to make the most of it with a new four-week series called All I Want for Christmas is You. It will be way better than getting a partridge in a pear tree…we promise.

Why this series?

Late this summer when I took a study and prayer retreat week, the congregation submitted hundreds of prayer requests. So many of these related to marriage, and it became apparent that it was something we needed to teach on. And we thought if we did it at Christmas time we could have some fun with it.

What if I’m not married?

While some folks will be thrilled that we’re doing a marriage series, others will find it challenging. Whether from past painful experiences or frustrated future hopes, this can be a sensitive series for some. My hope is that all those who are single will see how the gospel shows us the Ultimate Spouse in Jesus, and that those who are pursuing marriage in the future will experience this as a time of preparation.

What if I’m not a Christian?

Of course, we’re going to be teaching about marriage from a Christian perspective, as we believe the gospel provides some of the most core resources for doing marriage well. But we also hope that those who aren’t yet Christians will find themselves challenged to think about the uniqueness of Christian marriage and also helped by the practical wisdom that’s presented.

What topics are we covering?

Direction — The Story of Marriage

In the midst of competing “stories” about the purpose and vision for marriage, the Bible’s story of marriage not only helps us understand God’s vision for marriage, but how marriage points to an even bigger story of a covenant-keeping God.

This message will help us get the story right, so our marriages will be in sync with God’s creational design and ultimate purpose.

Deferring — Mutual Submission

Husbands and wives are designed to be “complementary others,” walking side-by-side to fulfill the purposes of God. Husbands and wives are equal, but different.

This message will help us understand and embrace these different callings in marriage, so that our marriages reflect the gospel.

Delight — Enjoying Your Spouse
Marriage is a wonderful gift of God, meant to be enjoyed. While “ball and chain” jokes abound, Christians are invited to show the world what a joyful marriage can be.

This message will be a practical look at fun, dating, sex, and growing old together.

Dialogue — What is Your Spouse Really Saying?

The quality of our lives is shaped by the quality of our relationships, and the quality of our relationships are shaped by the quality of our communication. Nowhere is this more obvious than marriage.

This message will provide helpful direction and tools for communication, listening, and resolving disagreements.