A New Redemption Congregation in North Phoenix

February 25, 2020  |  Luke Simmons

We are excited to announce that Josh Watt will be planting the next Redemption congregation in North Phoenix!

A specific location has not been determined, but we are targeting the area below:

About Josh Watt

Josh has attended Redemption Gateway for 10 years, the last 7 of those on staff as a Student pastor. In the last few years, he’s been part of the Sunday preaching team as well as the leader of the entire NextGen ministries at Gateway. Josh is a gifted and faithful leader who does an amazing job of connecting with people from all sorts of backgrounds.

Josh and his wife, Aubrey, have four sons: Elijah, Roman, Jude, and Ozzie. They love to eat together, play sports, and be outside.

Why do we start new churches and congregations?

The mission of Redemption Church is to birth and strengthen healthy local congregations. We believe that the local church is God’s chosen vehicle for accomplishing his purposes in the world. Therefore, we want work hard to start new congregations and to help local congregations (inside and outside the structure of Redemption) to be healthy.

In his helpful paper, “Why Plant Churches?” Dr. Timothy Keller writes:

The vigorous, continual planting of new congregations is the single most crucial strategy for (1) the numerical growth of the body of Christ in a city and (2) the continual corporate renewal and revival of the existing churches in a city. Nothing else—not crusades, outreach programs, parachurch ministries, growing megachurches, congregational consulting, nor church renewal processes—will have the consistent impact of dynamic, extensive church planting. This is an eyebrow-raising statement, but to those who have done any study at all, it is not even controversial.

Why North Phoenix?

Over the last year and a half, Josh and Aubrey have prayed, fasted, and sought godly wisdom from other leaders in and beyond Redemption.

Through relationships with some pastors in the North Phoenix region of the Surge Network, Josh became aware that a number of churches have been actively praying for a church planter to rally around in the North Phoenix area. As Josh and Aubrey explored the area, it seemed like a good fit.

Redemption’s leadership wholeheartedly affirms this desire and feels that North Phoenix is a strategic place for a new congregation.

What’s the timeline?

Josh will continue in his current role through May. On Sunday, May 31, he’ll preach a farewell sermon and we’ll hold a special “Baby Shower” celebration involving a one-time special offering for the new church.

In the summer, the Watts will move to North Phoenix, get settled as a family, and begin the work of building a new church plant launch team.

No date has been determined yet for the opening of the new congregation.

How can I help?

Pray — Pray for Josh and his family as they transition, and pray that God will continue to open doors for a new gospel work in North Phoenix. Some may also want to pray about joining Josh in this new work.

Get Information — Come to an informational meeting at Gateway on Sunday, March 29 at 12:30pm to learn more and ask questions.

Prepare to Give — We will have a special offering on May 31. Begin preparing for financially supporting this new work. (Josh’s salary will be provided by a portion of the outward focused giving of each Redemption congregation, but our offering will help with supplies and initial ministry needs.)

Who will lead Students at Gateway?

Joshua Ruiz has been our Jr. High pastor for a few years, learning from Josh Watt and leading many aspects of the ministry. We love the culture they have created and are excited that Joshua will step up to lead the ministry.