Monday Mind Dump (3/1/21)

March 1, 2021  |  Luke Simmons

• Happy March!

• That’s right — it’s already the third month of 2021.

• Been a good week since the last mind dump.

• Lots of all-Redemption stuff for me this past week.

• First, I was really encouraged by last Tuesday’s Inside Redemption Live event on the gospel and race.

• Here’s the mini-mind-dump I posted on Facebook about it afterward…

• It was sweet to hear from people from so many Redemption congregations and to FEEL the power of being connected.

• I would have loved for the second conversation about proximity and hearing people’s experiences to go twice or three times as long.

• I’d love to find a way for some of those folks to share more on our Inside Redemption podcast someday.

• I went into the night with some nervousness, especially about accidentally saying the wrong thing — but I left the night thinking, “That was fun.”

• It felt nice to play offense instead of defense — clearly sharing our positive vision rather than answering assumptions or accusations.

• I loved the closing song and benediction by Josh Miles — I’m definitely going to steal that benediction!

• The thoughtfulness and intentionality of the pastors who prayed was touching.

• It’s surely the beginning of the conversation, not the end — if you’re part of Redemption Church Gateway, we’ll have a Gateway-focused follow-up event on Monday, March 8.

• I love Jesus, and the beauty with which he has designed his church!

• And, if you missed it, you can watch it here:

• You can also listen to the audio podcast version here (with links to all sorts of podcast apps)

• Finally, here’s the statement we released of affirmations and denials, as well as a 3-hour conversation walking through it with me, Seth Troutt, and Tyler Johnson.

• Then, Molly and I went up to Flagstaff on Wednesday and Thursday with some other Redemption leaders to spend time with the leadership of R/Flagstaff.

• They’ve had a few months of transition, and it was encouraging to hear how they’re doing and spend time with them.

• Especially fun was hanging out with Aaron and Dana Dailey and Jim Mullins — lots of laughs with that crew.

• And having Molly with me was really sweet.

• In the early days of my ministry, especially when the kids were really young, I didn’t really have much expectation for her to join me in many ministry things.

• But as we’re getting older, it’s really fun to have some ministry moments together.

• She’s so wise and insightful, and I love how she thinks through things.

• Then yesterday, I was at Gateway at the beginning of the 8:00am, went to R/Tempe for their 9:00am service, and then back to Gateway at 11:00am.

• Jim Mullins at Tempe was giving a vision message for them and I wanted to be there to hear it.

• It was remarkably encouraging to be there, and I found their vision for being a community of restoration to be so compelling.

• He walked through the story of the paralytic being lowered through the roof and healed from Mark 2.

• He shared three options based on that story…

• We can be a community of consumerism — like the folks just crowding the door to watch the show, making it harder for those in need to get to Jesus.

• Or we can be a community of critics — voicing our displeasure with how things are going.

• But the best option is to be a community of restoration — doing what it takes to get our friends and neighbors to the only One who can heal them: Jesus.

• And we only do that if, rather than intending to try harder, we realize that we are the paralytic in the story — we are those who are healed by Jesus.

• It was great.

• The back-and-forth of the day was fun, and I was encouraged by being at Gateway and getting to say hi to a bunch of people as I stood in the middle of campus.

• Then we recorded an awesome For Jesus podcast conversation with Marty and Mary McIntire that will release tomorrow.

• If you know any students or staff at GCU, let them know I’ll be preaching at next Monday’s chapel — should be fun!

• Been a few weeks since I made some recommendations, so here goes:

• I love Maverick City’s new song, Jubilee:

• These lyrics move me, especially about God rebuilding:

Listen for the free man singing
“He’s delivered me”
Look out for the woman shouting
“His garment made me clean”
Listen up, for the seasons changing
“He’s rebuilding everything”
Listen for the people shouting
“This is Jubilee”

• This article by Andrew Wilson, previewing his not-yet-written book about how the events of the year 1776 made us who we are in the West, was fascinating — especially his WEIRDER acronym.

• Ryan T. Anderson writes about his book about transgender issues being taken down from Amazon — I wonder if this is a preview of more to come?

• Great insight:

• This kid looks amazing.

• Well, that’s about it for now.

• Have an awesome week — all of life is all for Jesus.