Monday Mind Dump (1/25/16)

January 25, 2016  |  Luke Simmons

– With the launch of this new website, I figured it was time for a good ‘ol fashioned Mind Dump.
– You can read more about why we changed the site here.
– Should take a little bit to get all the little details ironed out, but I like it a lot so far.
– If you have questions about it or suggestions, let us know.
– Cristina Adams has worked her tail off over the last few months — imagine transferring the last few years worth of sermons (yikes!).
– Did you hear?
– The Broncos are going to the Super Bowl.
– Wow.
– As much as I wanted them to win yesterday, I was not feeling very confident about it.
– Kind of how I feel about facing the Panthers in the Super Bowl.
– They looked amazing last night.
– Genuinely felt bad for Cardinals fans, players, and coaches.
– Really wanted an Arizona vs. Denver Super Bowl.
– All that football led (I think) to one of the craziest days I can recall at Gateway.
– Our 9:00am service had 410 people in a room with 418 chairs (that’s 98% full).
– I don’t know if everyone though the Cardinals played at 11:00am or what, but it was crazytown.
– I knew something up when the room was at ‘typical’ full level 2 minutes before the service started.
– That never happens.
– It was expectedly light at 5:00pm, but we had fun anyway.
– I just prayed that God would multiply the blessing and give everyone a double portion.
– I know he gave me a double portion, as a good chunk of this morning has been processing the idolatry in my own heart and life.
– Simultaneously awesome and not awesome to have God take you to the woodshed.
– Would appreciate your prayers as I try to practice what I preach.
– In case you don’t follow me or the church on social media, we had a cool milestone this past week:Gateway Land

– Really cool to see that sign go up.
– Meeting today with our architect to discuss our next steps for preparing to build out the property.
– We’ve actually been meeting for the last year or so, which means we’re not starting at square one (thankfully).
– Lots of important questions to answer and, thankfully, plenty of time to work on it and do it right.
– Would appreciate your continual prayers for wisdom for our elders and all involved.
– Well, time to go.
– I appreciate you reading.
– Have a great day.
– All of life is all for Jesus.