Monday Mind Dump (1/27/20)

Luke Simmons / January 27, 2020
mind dump

  • Getting my bearings after a really intense Sunday.
  • Preached yesterday on God’s hatred for hypocrisy and abuse — flowing from his love for marriage, women, and children. (watch it here)
  • It was a message I knew would be difficult but had to be delivered.
  • Was really helpful to have help on it — I met last week with a number of people who do counseling at Gateway and got their input and feedback.
  • Made it where I didn’t feel like I was on an island, but hopefully was able to connect with where people were.
  • Breaks my heart to think about how many people have some kind of abuse as part of their story.
  • So many from when they were kids, and tons today who are on the receiving end of treachery.
  • Many more who aren’t in abusive marriages, but just in lousy ones — also heartbreaking.
  • I’m praying that God will use that message to create a lot of follow-up ministry that leads to healing, repentance, and freedom in Christ.
  • Also, so sad yesterday to hear of Kobe Bryant’s passing.
  • I think I was surprised — and so were my kids — at how much it impacted me.
  • Was never a big Kobe fan necessarily, but was struck by the fragility of life and how he was just one year older than me and his daughter was the age of one of mine.
  • I’m praying for his wife as she navigates these losses — and for the other families who will probably feel pretty overlooked by all this.
  • This should be a pretty intense week for me, but for different reasons.
  • I get to participate in a church planting assessment for one of Redemption’s church planting residents.
  • Will be three days of putting this guy, his wife, and a bunch of other potential planters through the ringer to try to assess their readiness to plant and areas that need to be shored up before starting a new church.
  • It’s kind of like a job interview, The Bachelor, Shark Tank, psychological and personality analysis, and seminary all wrapped into one.
  • Let’s just say it’s way better to be on the Assessor side than on the Candidate side!
  • I had to go through something similar — it’s a best-practice for church planting, so despite the challenges, it’s definitely worth it.
  • It’s going to be a fun next few years for Redemption.
  • After a number of years without any new church plants, I can see a few on the horizon.
  • If you’ve ever wondered the rationale for starting new churches rather than just revitalizing existing ones, the best simple explanation I’ve read is Tim Keller’s article, “Why Plant Churches?”
  • That assessment is the main thing on my plate this week and then this weekend we’re back at the kids sport (soccer, t-ball) and prepping for the Super Bowl.
  • There’s a Gateway woman who made some incredible wings for the worship team on Christmas Eve — I’ve asked her to teach me the recipe so I can make them for the game.
  • Looking forward to that.
  • Hoping for a really good game and a 49ers victory.
  • As a Broncos fan, I hate the Chiefs (though I do like Patrick Mahomes), plus Kyle Shanahan (the 49ers coach) and I graduated from high school together.
  • Would be awesome to get to see him hoist the trophy.
  • I don’t have a ton of articles to share, but here’s one that might help you pray for me and our other preachers.
  • I’m thankful for so many who love me, love our pastors and elders, and pray for us.
  • Such a gift.
  • Have a great week — all of life is all for Jesus!

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