Malachi: Heart Surgery for God’s People

January 8, 2020  |  Luke Simmons

Malachi is a wake-up call for the people of God.

It’s a reality check for those who might have accurate beliefs and avoid obvious sins but who have allowed room in life for small compromises that dishonor God.

Through six dialogues, the Lord invites his people to follow him with wholehearted trust.

As we begin 2020, we’ll be engaging in these six dialogues and invite God to refine us.


January 12 — God’s Unconditional Love (1:1-5)
January 19 — Full Surrender (1:6-2:9)
January 26 — Stop Acting Faithlessly (2:10-16)
February 1-2 — Time for Justice (2:17-3:5)
February 9 — I Dare You (3:6-12)
February 16 — Fear the Lord (3:13-4:6)