M25 Collections

Monthly Collection - Second Sundays of every month

One of CGM’s primary ministries is M25. M25 stands for Matthew 25, reminding us to be the hands and feet of Jesus. How can we clothe, feed, love, and serve our partners and people within our community, like Jesus did.

M25 is a monthly collection based on the needs of our ministry partners. Each month, the items collected and organization will change. M25 collections are held on the second Sunday each month. We collect items on the east side drop off zone before and after each service. The items collected will be delivered Monday or Tuesday the following week.

M25 is just one of the ways we are trying to mobilize being the best friend our community has.

Collection Needs 2020

January 10: Gently Used / New Kids + women’s clothes – Hope Women Center

DESCRIPTION: After the holidays, it may be time for a little spring cleaning…please bring in gently used or new clothes and shoes for women + children. We will be donating these to our partners. Such as: Hope Woman’s Center, Compassion Connect AZ, etc. 

February 14: gift cards, grocery stores, Walmart, Target, Safeway for Ministry Partners + R/Gateway

DESCRIPTION: Gift card donations have been greatly helpful to our partners as well as to people who have a quick need to be filled! Please donate gift cards for any amount at any of the places listed above. Thank you for being SO generous. These will go to our partners as well as to R/gateway to give out as needed. Thank you!

March 14: Diapers + Formula for Juarez at Missions Ministries

DESCRIPTION:  Let’s make sure our Juárez babies are taken care of by bringing diapers and formula. All collections will go to Juarez later this month! 

April 11: Nonperishable Food for Hope Women’s Center – Coolidge 

DESCRIPTION: Please bring non-perishable, easy, to-go foods. Hope Women’s Center is putting together easy to-go boxes for women to take home to their families. Most helpful items would be : mac-n-cheese, ramen, cereal,  pastas, soups, canned goods, peanut butter, etc.


Want to donate but can’t go to the store?

Simply order and pay online or in an app, let us know where and when to pick up your order and we will have volunteers pick up your order and deliver it to the church for you!

Can’t bring your donation on Sunday? 

We have some options here too – 

  • See if you can have one of your RC group members take it for you.
  • Contact Alessi to see if there is a time BEFORE Sunday that you could drop off the donation to the office.
  • Order a donation and have it delivered to the church.

Contact Alessi
Want to Volunteer?

Collection Volunteers: collect items on M25 Sundays 15 minutes before each service. On larger collections days, you will also wheel items into storage room 203 for items to get ready for delivery.

Delivery Volunteer: take the collected items to various non-profits during the day on Monday or Tuesday (depending on when the ministry is open). Truck or Large car is usually best for minimal transporters.

Email Alessi DeBartolo if interested