I have been married to Taylor since 2013. We have a son and two dogs. We like going on walks around our neighborhood (especially when we leave the dogs at home).
If you would have met me in high school or college you would have met one of the most destructively self-righteous people you have ever known. God placed faithful pastors into my life who graciously, yet firmly, called me on my pride and moralism; I knew about the gospel of grace, but internally I was living out of a gospel of moral conformity and intellectual supremacy that led simultaneously to insecurity and arrogance. The gospel — that the kingdom of God has come near in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus — has again and again and again shown me how good, gracious, glorious, and great the Lordship of God really is.
I am a graduate of Arizona State University, have a Master of Divinity from Phoenix Seminary, and am working on a doctorate degree at Covenant Theological Seminary. Before coming onto Redemption Gateway’s staff in 2016, I served at Grace Community Church in Tempe for seven years.