I married my wife Patti in May of 2006, and we have five absolutely crazy but totally awesome kids: Sophie, Brennan, Ashlyn, Kinley, and Piper.

I grew up in and around church, but had wandered away from the Lord after our family had suffered through some pretty traumatic events at our church. During my senior year of high school, God called me to himself, and for the first time I began to see that behind everything I had gone through, there was God who loved and cared for me deeply – a God who had suffered for me and therefore I could trust in the midst of my own suffering.

As I grew in my understanding of God’s grace and love, I became more deeply involved in different church ministries like music, missions, and discipleship. Over time, God created a desire in me to move in care and compassion toward those who are hurting, and to help teach and lead others in the church to do the same.