Cristina Adams

August 19, 2015  | 

I married my high school sweetheart, Clay, in 2002.  We have been blessed with two handsome boys, Jacob and Joshua.

I currently help support the leadership team with daily administrative tasks and coordinate events within our congregation and community.

God has always been patient with me and I have always been impatient with Him. I had a stubborn heart and felt I could do better by controlling my future. I was invited to church in 2008 and I was skeptical of what I was going to encounter. I was overwhelmed by the spirit and energy of God’s presence in the worship center and asked for His forgiveness. Immediately, I jumped into God’s word and I grew increasingly impatient that God did not show Himself right away to me. Out of rebellion and anger, I stopped attending and returned to my old ways. Several years later, a friend recognized I needed help and invited me to service at Redemption Gateway. That day, the spirit filled my heart and made me realize, that this is where I needed to be. My heart has been softened and my mind has been opened to receive the gospel. God has shown me new life because I started to trust Him. I can now see God’s work on a daily basis and I hope to share the good news with those like me.