Leadership Development

Helping emerging & existing leaders serve like Jesus

About Leadership Development

Healthy, growing leaders are crucial for the health and growth (spiritual and numerical) of our church. Therefore, we invest in the growth and development of leaders.

Leadership Development Environments:

Currently the following environments exist for formal leadership development (more info below):

1. The Greenhouse

2. Surge School

Leadership Development Convictions:

1. Every believer is a disciple, but not every disciple is a leader. People should serve as they’re gifted, not be pressured to lead.

2. Character is more important than everything else.

3. We grow fruit for others’ trees. We will give away some of our best leaders, and that’s actually exciting.

4. Effective leadership development combines knowledge, experiences, and coaching. All three are crucial.

5. Leaders (not curriculum or programs) develop leaders. Time with leaders is invaluable.

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse runs monthly for 4 months, equipping potential and existing leaders to lead more effectively in all of life (ministry, business, home, coaching, community, etc.). Each month is brand new content and includes exercises to complete before and after each workshop.


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Surge School

The Surge School is a 9-month discipleship and leadership development program. In conjunction with 20+ Phoenix-area churches, students are shaped to see the gospel and mission of Jesus shaping all areas of life.

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