Where Do I Take My Kids in the New Building?

May 29, 2019  |  Luke Simmons

One of the highlights of our new building is the beautiful and fun kids spaces. Rooms are bigger, brighter and provide more space for kids to enjoy learning about Jesus.

We want the transition to be as smooth as possible, so here are answers to some common questions.

Where should I park with my family?

You can park on the east, west, or south, but many families will likely find a shorter walk by parking on the west or south of the campus.

Where do I check-in kids?

The new Kids Check-In area is located centrally between the two buildings. This is where you will be checking your kids in each Sunday.

Where should my PreK or younger kids go?

They should go in the class with their age/stage in the Pre-K Building 300
• Infants – Room 307
• Crawlers – Room 306
• Walkers – Room 301
• 2yr Olds – Room 305
• 3yr Olds – Room 302
• 4yr Olds – Room 303
• 5yr Olds – Room 304

Where should my elementary age kids go?

They should go to the class for the grade they will start this fall 2019 in the Elementary Building 200
• 1st Grade – Room 206
• 2nd Grade – Room 205
• 3rd Grade – Room 204
• 4th/5th Grade – Room 202

If I’m brand new, can I pre-register my kids?

Yes! We’d love to help your first Sunday with us go as smoothly as possible. Fill this out and we’ll be ready to greet you on Sunday.

Is there a Nursing Mom’s room?

Yes! Located directly next door to the check-in room, the nursing mom’s room has space to park a stroller, change diapers, and watch the service via video while you care for your child.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions regarding any of this information, please do not hesitate to contact JenNatzke@redemptionaz.com