About Home Away From Home

"Our new building is just a house — it's the family inside that makes it a home."

- Luke Simmons

HOME AWAY FROM HOME is an initiative to raise the necessary resources to create a new church home with space for those who aren’t yet in our family.

We All Long for Home

Where people know who we truly are, and love us anyway. Where it feels comfortable and familiar. Where we can just be ourselves. Where we can rest and recover. Where we can always come for help, no matter how tough the circumstances or how bad we’ve blown it. Where we share good meals and unexpected laughs. Where the conversations can be both mundane and monumental. Where we want to bring our friends. God created us for a home like this. Jesus died and rose to invite us into a home like this. The church family is a taste of a home like this. We exist to help people experience a home like this. A building itself is just a house – it’s the family inside that makes it a home. Our new building will help more people experience home away from home.

How to Participate
  • Pray. Thank God for the church home you’ve found at Gateway and pray that more in our neighborhoods and communities can experience a home through our church.
  • Give. Invest in our vision by giving financially to this initiative.
  • Make it home. If you still feel like a guest at Gateway, take a step toward making this your home by attending Start Here, joining a small group, or serving on a ministry team.

Next Start Here Class
2017 Design Development & Begin Permitting
Early 2018 Break Ground on Construction
June 2019 Move into New Building
Dec 31, 2019 Initiative Ends
  • The New Campus
  • The new campus of Redemption Gateway will be a simple but beautiful home for our church family and community. Here’s what we’re pursuing for Phase One:

    -An 800-seat, flat-floor auditorium for Sunday services, student ministry, and special events.

    -Spacious kids’ classrooms for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary kids.

    -A classroom specifically devoted to special-needs children and families.

    -Beautiful open spaces with grass, trees, and picnic tables – space to play and linger.

    -Office space for staff and pastors – including space to provide biblical counseling.

    -Ample parking to support the campus.

    -Outdoor basketball court, community garden, and open grass space for special events, weddings, and outdoor services. (These are additional elements we want to include but will be dependent on cost and the generosity of our people.)

    Q & A

    Why are we building a new campus? Two reasons. First, we no longer have physical space to accommodate the people in our community who need Jesus and a church home. Second, we want to have a long-term, permanent presence in our community.

    How much space are we building? In this first phase, we’re planning to build about twice the size of our rented space. This will allow us to double the impact of our ministry to adults, kids, and students, while also leaving room for a future phase if the need arises.

    When will we break ground? We hope to break ground in early 2018, and open the building in the first half of 2019.

    How much are we trying to raise? $1.8 million over three years. This amount, along with budgeted savings and contributions from Redemption reserves, will allow us to move forward on construction.

    Does this initiative imply giving in addition to my regular contributions? Yes. Redemption Gateway needs to continue to operate with strength, so shifting what you give on a regular basis over to this initiative would not be helpful. Please consider giving to both our general budget and to this initiative.

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    Have additional questions? Submit your questions below and we will respond within 48 hours.

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    Jimmy Lau

    About Jimmy Lau

    “Giving to the initiative to build is so important to me. It’ll be a temporary home that introduces people to an eternal home — a place where many people will hear the Word of God and of His grace, where many will find forgiveness, salvation, purpose, and hope.”

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    Linda Lau

    About Linda Lau

    “We all struggle with something. We all need grace. I’m truly excited for the building initiative and to see how God will continue to use Redemption Gateway to display his fame, power, and faithfulness to our community and to the world.”

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    Hal Jeffrey

    About Hal Jeffrey

    “There is no doubt that this historical event will be a tremendous blessing to not only the current members of this wonderful congregation, but also to their future families, friends, and many others that don’t know Jesus yet.”

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    Kathy Jeffrey

    About Kathy Jeffrey

    “It is very humbling to recognize that everything we have, including money, is His. This immense blessing is a great test as to whether we are truly up to the task of faithfully serving our congregation as representatives for this new building initiative.”

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