Group Questions | Matthew 5:13-16

September 4, 2016  |  Luke Simmons

Here are a number of questions for discussion in families or in Redemption Community small groups. For more information about RCs, click here.

click here for pdf version of these questions

1. What first comes to mind when you think of the darkness and decay of the world?

2. The major religious groups of Jesus’ day each had different approaches to relating to the world. Which approach are you most tempted to adopt?

Sadducees: accommodate into dominant culture
Pharisees: separate into subculture
Essenes: isolate from all outside culture

3. As the salt and light of the world, we can bring truth, joy, and good works of love to those around us. What do people in your life most need right now?

4. Paul Tripp said, “Love is the willing self sacrifice for the good of another that does not demand payback for that the person is deserving.” Who is God inviting you to love this week?