Group Questions: Acts 8:1-25

April 3, 2017  |  Luke Simmons

Here are a number of questions for discussion in families or in Redemption Community small groups. For more information about RCs, click here.

1. What is a painful experience that you or somebody you know has had where God turned it for good or turned into something beautiful?

2. Read Acts 8:9-24. What are the indications that Simon might be a Christian? What are the things that give us pause?

3. Peter tells Simon to “Repent” of his wickedness (8:22). The Bible says that we’re saved by grace (Eph 2:8-9) but continually calls us to repent. How is it that repentance is not a “work” that earns God’s favor?

4. Simon seems to still view Peter as a mediator between him and God rather than praying himself (8:24). Why is it often easier to depend on other people as mediators rather than depending on Jesus?

5. Are you a genuine Christian? How do you know?