Group Questions: Acts 4:32-5:11

March 5, 2017  |  Luke Simmons

Here are a number of questions for discussion in families or in Redemption Community small groups. For more information about RCs, click here.

1. What is an act of generosity you’ve seen that really blew you away? What made such an impact?

2. Read Acts 4:32-37. What might this kind of unity and generosity look like in our church? What obstacles might we face (personal, cultural, etc)?

3. Read Acts 5:1-11. What comes to mind as you reflect on the fact that the first real damage to the church came from within?

4. Hypocrisy isn’t failure, but pretending. What areas are you most vulnerable to pretend?

5. How can the gospel help us fight hypocrisy in our lives?