Group Questions: Acts 4:1-22

February 19, 2017  |  Luke Simmons

Here are a number of questions for discussion in families or in Redemption Community small groups. For more information about RCs, click here.

1. What are the moments when you most clearly experience that Christianity is the “visiting team” in our culture?

2. Look again at Acts 4. What gave Peter and John their remarkable courage? Is this courage just available for apostles or could we have it today?

3. Acts 4:12 says that Jesus is “the only name” by which we can be saved.

a) Why might that kind of exclusive claim be hard to embrace? (think empathetically through the lens of your unbelieving friends)

b) Why is that kind of exclusive claim crucial for the church to hold on to?

4. Unbelief is not as neutral or rational as we often want to think. How might that influence our mindset toward evangelism and mission, especially with those who are skeptical?

5. Where would you like us to pray for you to have more boldness?