God’s Sovereignty in Salvation [Resources]

October 11, 2021  |  Luke Simmons

For each week of the Countercultural Convictions series, we’ll be providing additional resources for going deeper into the topic we explore. The only resource we can ever support 100% is the Bible — so use discernment as you engage with these resources.



Does God (Really) Desire All to Be Saved?
Tony Reinke

Salvation for God’s Glory
Jarvis Williams

Prayer and Predestination
John Piper

Predestination Is Biblical, Beautiful, and Practical
Jeff Robinson

3 Objections to the Doctrine of Election
Tim Keller

Why the Doctrine of Election is Precious to Me
Juan Sánchez


For more of Tom Shrader’s series, God’s Plan for Salvation, watch the sermons below:

• Total Inability pt 1
• Total Inability pt 2
• Unconditional Election
• Limited Atonement
• Irresistible Grace & Preservation of the Saints
• Summary & Conclusion