Getting to Know Joshua Ruiz

October 17, 2016  |  Luke Simmons

Joshua Ruiz recently joined the staff team at Redemption Gateway as a Student Ministry Director. Here’s a brief opportunity to learn more about Joshua:



Where are you from?

Born and Raised in Mesa, Arizona

Tell us about your family.

My wife Lauren and I have 3 daughters and 1 son. Aidyn is my oldest daughter, age 11, she loves gymnastics and is very girly and extremely smart in school.

Isabel is my middle daughter, age 9, and she’s my mother hen, she loves little kids and babies, and even helps take care of her dad :). She is a different athlete than her older sister, focusing more on football and volleyball and is ALWAYS smiling.

And then there’s my Violet, age 6, the youngest of my girls, and probably the most unique member of our family. She is very much living life to her own beat. Very strong willed and outside of the box, we call her our wildcard. Though she is super different than my others, she is also very much a combination of many parts of her older sisters. In many ways she is a “mini-me” for my wife Lauren, they share so many characteristics and likes, including a disdain for mornings and a love for good food and good sleep.

And lastly, my son Nox, age 4, a momma’s boy for sure. He’s a crazy fun knucklehead. He has so much spirit and character in him. His favorite things in life are his Mom, his bed, TV, and food.

We are a crazy fast-paced family, always running, trying new things, some would label us unconventional and we probably kind of enjoy that title a little more than we should. We have a lot of fun and much of our crazy comes from just being a part of a very large family (The Ruiz family under my dad totals around 25 people, 14 of them being grandchildren under age 11).


What do you like to do for fun?

I like pretty much all things athletic or outdoors, whether it be camping, sports, or martial arts. I also obviously enjoy live music. And overall I just get really excited to learn anything new.

What are the best books you’ve read in the last year?

The Chronicles of Narnia, A Praying Life, and Nine Marks of a Healthy Church.

Why did you want to be part of the staff at Redemption Gateway?

I believe in the mission and goals of Redemption, and my family and I have grown so much in Christ under the leadership at Redemption Gateway, that being a part of the team that was so effective and influential in my life, and to be able to come under their guidance to learn from and serve alongside them was a no-brainer for me. My desire is to bring life and light to this world via the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I believe Redemption does that well.

What excites you about the future for Gateway?

So many things excite me about the future of Gateway. Working with students gives me a front row seat at the possible future of Gateway. Watching stories develop and the next generation of worshipers grow and work through things, it’s very exciting to think both how different it may look and how Christ and the gospel will remain the same. I think my greatest excitement is to think of what will come out of Gateway. I feel very much like we as a congregation are like a young married couple with young kids about to buy a home of our own and settle in a bit into the neighborhood. The next few seasons of life will be so fun to watch as our “kids” grow and we eventually send them off into the world and watch God work in and through them.