Get to Know Arnold Ruiz

March 1, 2018  |  Josh Watt

Arnold Ruiz is joining our staff as the new Director of Redemption Kids. He has faithfully served in Jr. High ministry and is now taking the lead in a new area. We’re thrilled to have him join the team and want you to get to know him.


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Arnold Ruiz, the firstborn of 6 siblings. I like to read, play sports, learn new things, and ponder life’s big questions. I am married to Ai, and we have 4 kids: Ava (8), Asher (6), Aila (4), and Alyosha (5 months). We are an active family who love being outdoors, but we also enjoy watching a good movie together. My wife and I love food and a good dining experience, but we are by no means picky. I am a bit of a romantic, while my wife is very practical, so she makes sure things get done and I make sure they get done with some meaningful flair.

How did you meet Jesus?

I grew up in and around church, but that did not save me from experiencing the sin and brokenness of a fallen humanity, nor the pain and strife and confusion that comes from living in a fallen world. For we have all been sinned against and we ourselves have sinned against others. And I was not exempt from this reality. Indeed, left to myself, I have an incurable propensity to seek after my own good and my own desires at the expense of others, in direct rebellion against the One who created me to do otherwise.

But thanks be to God that He found me and rescued me from the grip of sin and death! By God’s benevolent grace I have found his son Jesus Christ to be beautiful, wise to the utmost, patient, profoundly loving, and powerful to save. So I look to him as my supreme guide.

My trust in Him has not been misplaced. He is a friend to sinful people like me, a rock in times of trouble, a glad giver of guiding knowledge that helps me navigate through this world, and a source of incomparable joy. By nature I am rebellious, and I wrestle and struggle and fall and doubt. But He is ever merciful and faithful to me; he is my peace and my sanity.

Why are you excited about Redemption Gateway?

Redemption Gateway is an exciting place to be because through its ministries I have experienced for myself and witnessed in others God doing the work that he promised to do in and through his church. I have seen lives changed, relationships restored, communities blessed, and faith strengthened, all through the power of the Gospel.

I strongly believe that Gateway effectively and meaningfully equips its members to live a life of faith in a broken and dizzying world. The commitment of the Redemption leadership team to be faithful to the Gospel message in all areas of life and to love and shepherd the church well makes me very excited to be a part of the Gateway body.

Why are you excited about Kids Ministry?

In my role as Kids Director, I look forward to being a part of and serving in a ministry that has personally blessed me and my family in ways that words cannot describe. My desire is for families to be blessed just as we have been blessed, and I am very much looking forward to getting to know and do life with the members of the Redemption Kids community.