We are blessed to be a blessing.

We have been given the gift and responsibility of loving and serving the people around us in ways that reflect the heart of God for all people. We are called to see and steward every situation and context we are in through the lens of the Gospel.

Being outward-focused is at the core of who we are as a church and it comes out of being gospel- centered. Out of the privilege we receive being born into new life in Jesus, we are also commissioned, sent out with the responsibility to be the hands and feet of Jesus. When the gospel is our center, we are compelled to live for God’s glory and for the good of others.

Our Community & Global Ministry (CGM) is committed to propelling our church forward in our efforts to live this call out.

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As the Body of Jesus Christ is called to represent Him to the world, we are called to reach our local community (close), our region (near), and the ends of the earth (far). Through His example and according to His commands, we do this by loving and caring for the whole person.

In response to this call, CGM serves our local, regional, and global community. Here’s how:

LOCAL Partners:

REGIONAL Partners:

GLOBAL Partners:


Based on Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 25, our M25 ministry takes a monthly collection to serve our community. M25 collections change monthly based on the need from a local ministry in our community. Some of our ministries we collect for include: Hope Women’s Center, Compassion Connect Az, Vineyard Pregnancy Center, and Missions Ministries (Juarez).

M25 Collections

Out of a grateful heart we engage others. Jesus didn’t just serve the last, least and lost the moment he first saw them. He engaged with them, listened to them, and got to know them. We need to do the same. We need to really see and understand those around us who are different from us before we try to give them anything.

In doing this, we as a church hope to be the best friend our community has.  This resource section has been prepared to help equip us to do just that.

CGM Resources