CGM: Cross Cultural Minis

January 10, 2022  |  Mark Burns

Yücel Hanım sat down alone at the çay bahçe (tea garden). As the waiter went from table to table with a tray full of pipping hot tea glasses, Yücel Hanım raised her finger to indicate that she wanted one.

She placed two sugar cubes in the glass. The clinking of her metal spoon on the side of the tea glass joined the clammer of others as they stirred their drinks. Yücel hanım then placed the spoon down on the saucer and took a book out of her purse.

As she pulled out the book she looked around the room to see if anyone saw the title on the cover. The tea had cooled just enough to take a sip without blistering her lip. The tea was good.

Yücel hanım opened the book to Matta (Matthew) which she had read many times. She skimmed through the gospel as she drank her tea. When she finished the tea she placed the spoon in the glass and started praying silently.

She prayed for the person who would pick up the İncil (New Testament) that she was planning on leaving on the table. She prayed that the Holy Spirit would open their eyes to Jesus. She prayed for their blessing.

Yücel hanım then left the five lira for the tea next to the glass and stood up and left. The İncil left behind; she was hopeful that the person who picked it up would be blessed like she was by it.

Pray for the Christians in Turkey. It is hard to be a religious minority and share one’s faith. Pray for them as God leads them to use unique and creative ways to be a blessing to those around them. Pray for courage and love to be bigger than fear.