About CCEF

I don’t know if CCEF is for me, I’m not a counselor.”

If you have conversations with other people, if you are helping them in one way or another, you are to one degree or another “counseling.”

CCEF approaches counseling in terms of having wise and helpful conversations. The question becomes: How can we grow in having increasingly wise and helpful conversations? How do we grow in the art and skill of connecting the truths of Scripture to the particulars of someone’s life? 

CCEF classes provide the opportunity to grow in understanding the various ways of knowing someone and connecting them and their struggles to the promises and character of God found in Scripture.  CCEF teaches the various ways we can know people and God through Scripture,  and ministry happens when we connect the two.

If you lead, mentor, parent, teach, come alongside others in any capacity and are interested in learning about CCEF classes please fill out the interest form to receive more information about CCEF classes that will be offered this coming winter.


Redemption Church AZ is in partnership with CCEF and their School of Biblical Counseling. This provides several benefits, mainly a financial discount and the ability to personally interact with other students and your instructor. It makes it much more relational. The first course for CCEF is a 12 week class called Dynamics of Biblical Change. It is the foundation and prerequisite for all other classes offered by CCEF.

  • Individual study – students spend an average of 6-9 hours on homework/reading/lectures each week.
  • Weekly study- there will be a 1.5 hour in person/zoom meeting with your class and instructor for the first 9 weeks of class. (The last 3 weeks are spent on your final.) This is a huge benefit having the personal interaction to discuss and learn from each other. You don’t get that relational dynamic if you just take the class through CCEF.
  • Assignments – are due weekly but you may work ahead if you choose.
  • Schedule- class will begin in January 2021. The exact day, time and location of the class is TBD until it gets closer.


Normally, a 3 credit class costs $650 but when you take it through Redemption the partnership discount brings it to $425.  If you want to take the class for non-credit it brings it to $325. If you and your spouse both take the class, it would be $425 for the first spouse and $325 for the second (for credit).

Please prayerfully consider all of this information. We recommend that you talk this decision over with family and trusted friends or coworkers so they are aware of the commitments it comes with and can support you through this. If you have any questions or reservations about this next step, please email Gina Mendez.

Email Gina Mendez